Fall Camps for Kids in Arizona


Day Camps Ages 5 - 12 | Sleepaway Camp Ages 7 - 17




As another summer bursts onto your calendars and your children and home start to feel like they might burst at the seams, it’s time again to do the summer camp dance.

There are more than 12,000 summer camp programs for kids in the United States. The American Camp Association praises summer camps for teaching powerful lessons that the nation’s children need now more than ever.

Summer camps provide a temporary community where kids can take safe risks, challenge themselves in healthy, positive ways, and push out of their comfort zones (and yours). No matter who's having a harder time letting go, this just might be the summer to grow together.

For any parents or potential summer campers out there who are feeling nervous, here are some of the great questions other parents and campers have brought to us.