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We have run Camps in Arizona for 30 Years.

To learn more about our Fall Camps for 2023, click the link to the parent guide.

As parents ourselves, we created something that we wanted for our children that simply did not exist in current summer camps. We wanted active, fun, affordable summer camps. We wanted them to be smaller, more personal like we remembered as a child. We wanted caring, experienced instructors that educated our children about the world, and let them have time to create and explore on their own. We wanted them to experience these things mostly in the same age group.

And we wanted to make sure they were in a safe environment. Most importantly, we wanted to help them develop life skills – the tools to be successful in life. Discipline, confidence, positive self-esteem. Armed with the tools to make positive choices in life – you can do anything you can imagine!


Our emphasis on Math, Reading, & American Civics will help your child enter the 2023-2024 school year with greater excitement and confidence.

But we do not stop there….

With our experience of running Summer Camps for three decades, we know the largest safety issue is in transporting children on field trips. We were fortunate to never have an incident, but we changed our structure to create a safer environment. No more hot vans or school buses or worry your child will be left behind. All our activities are done on site and the vendors like the horses, zoos, fire trucks, etc., all take a field trip to us!

Some of these activities include:

Horseback Riding: We provide horses to free ride and/or horse-drawn carousels for summer camp children to ride with their friends.

Petting Zoos: Arizona Summer Camps now include Llamas, baby pigs, chickens, goats, and miscellaneous desert wildlife. In this interactive zoo, children get to pet, hold, and take selfies with all their animal friends.

Fantastic Firetruck: One of the most exciting activities for summer camp kids in Arizona. Prepare to get wet as you shoot the hose, throw water balloons, have water gun wars, and climb on the truck while enjoying fun music.

Foam Parties: Arizona Summer Camps for Kids presents Foam parties to rock music. Play in a giant foam paradise and be covered head to toe with foam going everywhere.

Laser tag: Experience an action-packed adventure with specialty missions, challenges, obstacles, and high accuracy equipment. Summer Camp Kids will feel like they are inside a live video game!

Board Games: We usually start the week making friends. Arizona Summer Camps children will play age-appropriate board, video, and interactive games.

All about LEGO’s: Our Summer Camps for Kids in Arizona include LEGO stations and a special LEGO Week where we create exciting projects.

NERF WARS: Our active Summer Camps include NERF games, target shooting, NERF Team Battles, and much more.

Friday Movie Days: Every Friday Arizona Summer Camps presents Movie Day. We will stream the latest age-appropriate movies directly into the Day Camp rooms and supply snacks.

Arts & Crafts: Want fun, exciting, summer camp activities for kids? We have daily Arts & Crafts shaping the creative minds of tomorrow.

Educational Modules: Besides Math, Reading, & Civics, we teach our Summer Camp kids all about our planet; endangered species, plastic in our oceans, and about the companies and people that are making a difference in healing our world. We care about our Climate!

Just some of the many activities included at no additional charge to our campers!

Look at our reviews on Google that parents leave us, and you will understand what we are all about. One parent talks about how she was taking her children out of our camp to go to Disneyland and their kids were crying not wanting to leave. Her daughter’s friends made a “human chain” trying to block their friend from her mom – that says it all.


In our summer camps we limit the amount of screen time a child can have. We have structured summer camp themes & activities during our regular hours, but we do have some television and gaming available during extended hours. We always have alternatives to screen time along with these summer camp theme ideas. We don’t recommend bringing electronics from home, but if you do it is at your own risk. Fridays is movie day at most camps and since we divide the camps by age, we stream age-appropriate movies for each room. We know your children will fight you on this. But our active camps are designed to unplug from the Metaverse.


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Each kids summer camp varies by need. Most of our summer classes for kids are structured like a classroom. You will typically have a schoolteacher or Sports instructor with an assistant to help each age group up to 25 kids. For younger campers, there are smaller ratios.  In Trampoline Park Camps we utilize this set up dividing the kids by age into the various birthday rooms. In sports camps for kids we divide them by age, ability, and sports interest.


Each camp has a separate set up (see your camp for details). Some camps will have a kitchen with lunch and snacks available for purchase (check to see if your camp offers snack card options). Most of our camps will provide a free pizza lunch, drink, and a snack each day for our upcoming Fall Camps. If your child doesn't like pizza feel free to pack their own lunch and healthy snacks if you choose. We do our best to offer best, local, affordable summer camps for teens and kids in AZ!

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No, but we encourage them to. Some campers might be apprehensive about getting on a horse, but once they find the courage to do horseback riding, they will never stop talking about it. We tend to rotate through the activities by classroom, and we encourage participation with everything we do. One reason our clients say we offer the best summer camps in Arizona!


Many of our camps offer extended hours for working parents. Normal drop off time is between 8:00 am to 9:00 am and pick up at 3:00 pm.  All camps allow early drop off from 8:00 am to 9:00 am and some camps as early as 7 am. From 3 pm to 5:30 pm we offer extended hours for an extra fee. Check your camp for details. You can register for extended hours at the time of enrollment as part of the checkout feature.

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We are parents just like you, wanting to offer our children a fun, active, educational experience while we are at work. It’s a difficult world for children today and critical that children exercise their bodies and minds!

In the last 30 years we have watched our camps bring joy to tens of thousands of campers. But not every child can experience the joy of camp, dipping their toes in a lake, being in the wilderness among the pine trees and forest animals.

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