Fall Camp 2023 Guide

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  • - 25 January 2023

We are the destination for all parents looking for Arizona camps for kids.

The Proud Parent Parade

As parents ourselves, we understand the struggle of short attention spans and long breaks. We also totally get that too much of a good thing isn’t always a good thing. That’s why we designed our camps in Arizona to be different from other summer programs for kids.

Our approach to camps is something we’re proud of. We’re excited to introduce everything that we offer to your kids.

No matter your approach to parenting or camps — your focus is on your kids. We’re proud parents, too. We know how to toot our kids’ (and our camps’) horns.

Here are a few distinguishable traits about Camps for Kids we’re proud of:

  • Low camper-to-staff ratios
  • Affordable, reasonable prices
  • Daily educational STEAM content
  • Partnerships with local businesses
  • Early drop off and late pick up times
  • High-engagement, fun kids’ activities
  • Hiring teachers and staff with experience
  • Peer groups with more similar interests and ages
  • Character-building and development opportunities

Your summer campers will be too busy to say they’re bored, but they might start bragging about how magnificent summer camp is.

Weekly Themes and What That Means

Weekly day-camps are for kids ages 5-12, some are for ages 5-17.

Organizing our camps by theme sets us apart. It also sets some really clear and very kid-graspable expectations. Letting kids choose their camp experience gives them more confidence and commitment.

Children who attend themed camps automatically share similar interests and hobbies with their peers. The unifying bond of a theme can help counteract the nerves and newness kids may face when attending a summer camp.

All that is good news for parents and makes for a much more enjoyable summer all around.

Fall Camp AZ Catalog: Summer 2023

Explore the details of each theme and all of the thrills that week has to offer.

No matter which camp or week is the most enticing, the daily format includes:

  • Early morning activity ease in
  • Morning rotations of the host attractions
  • Lunch
  • STEAM with emphasis on math, reading, & civics
  • Afternoon rotations of host attractions
  • Theme related summer camp activities and ideas

Our emphasis is on challenging the mind and the body. Whether you are enjoying Trampoline Park Camps, Dance Camps, or Soccer Camps, we coordinate between active fun and Academics to help your child prepare for returning to school.

Each camp host site offers slightly different attractions depending on the company and location. Most of our camps, however, bring in the same vendors like horseback riding, fire trucks, etc. Use our search feature to pick the camps that are nearest you or on your way to work, and then select among the types of camps that best fit your needs.

Action and Adventure Camps

Calling all current movers and shakers and all future American Ninja Warriors! Flip, fly and fall into foam pits while learning to defy gravity and improve your skills at the most action-packed summer camp you’ll ever find.

This camp maximizes your time in the air, from battle beams and rock walls to dodgeballs and obstacle courses. Sign up! If you dare, and discover what you’re made of.

Sports Camps

Attention, all athletes and sports fans! If you’re ready to turn up the heat and smoke the competition this year, you need to find your way to the Sports Camp nearest you.

Spend time each day with martial arts, dance, and gymnastics instructors. Sharpen your reflexes, improve your coordination, and become a mental and physical agility powerhouse.

Water Week

Are you a water wars warrior? Stay cool and get wet this summer by experiencing all that water offers. Water balloons, squirt guns, fire trucks, foam parties, and more are waiting for you during Water Week. This one sells out fast!

Changes of clothes, swimsuits, towels, and water shoes are a few extra considerations for grownups to keep in mind.

Gaming Week

Can you defeat the reigning champion of Monopoly? Are you prepared to defend your title? Test the boundaries of your wit, keep your opponents guessing, and emerge victoriously. Play card games and board games, and dominate laser tag tournaments before you and your team take on the dreaded obstacle course. Do you have the skills?

Animals and Adventure

Whether you’re a budding veterinarian, equestrian, or animal whisperer, these are the camps for you. These camps offer a slightly slower pace with less noise and competition but more critters. Wander over to Animals and Adventure Week to enjoy horseback riding in AZ, snap a selfie with a llama, and visit a petting zoo.

Lego Week

If Legos are your thing, develop your technique and show off your architecture all week long. Build Lego projects in STEAM, direct and shoot a Lego movie, and become one with the bricks. Engineers and Imagineers welcome.

Spotlight Week

The mighty, the fearless, and the dedicated will heed the call of this camp. Dancers are powerhouses of strength and grace, and they are no stranger to hard work, repetition, and repeat.

Create a special spotlight routine and learn from some of the best instructors in the area. It’s time for hip hop, ballet, jazz,  tap, and tumbling to take the stage during Spotlight Week.

Cosmic Week

If you’ve got flair, funk, and are photo-ready, this is your week to shine! Illuminate everything about you that glitters and shines with glow sticks, strobes, lasers, and neon lighting.

Then get ready for a groovy time when we kill the lights, crank the music, and let the good times glow. Catch the spark and pass it on during Cosmic Week!

Do Camp a Little Differently This Year

We believe in a healthy balance of entertainment, education, enrichment, experienced staff, and exploration.

That was a tall order to fill when we started our offering camps almost 30 years ago. And the gadgets and technology of the younger generation aren’t making it any easier. But every year, we’ve successfully connected campers with their imaginations, courage, determination — and just had fun!

You want your kids to be happy and healthy, safe, and successful. So, this fall, try camp differently at our Camps.

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