Active & Educational Fall Camps in AZ

  • - 10 January 2023

“Sports Fitness & Fun!”

Creative & Active Summer Camps in Chandler AZ

“When I was looking for summer day camps in Chandler, Arizona, I really wanted Travis to do one of the Science summer camps.  I googled “Science summer camps 85286″.  I was happy to see that Camp Kids for the Future offered Science summer camps!  The summer camp kids spent the day at the Arizona Science Center, studied the Mummy exhibit and Planetarium!  They also learned about 3-D printing, endangered species, and how to keep our planet healthy!  They were fun & educational summer camps!” – Pryanka Joshi

When searching for summer camps in Chandler Arizona, you will see that there are many choices. Should I look for creative summer camps for kids like robotic summer camps? LEGO summer camps? Minecraft summer camps? Should we choose Sports Camps like Basketball Camps? Performing Arts Camps? Martial Arts Camps? Soccer Camps? Dance Camps? Teen Camps?

At Camp Kids for the Future we heard you, and we simply have Arizona’s best Summer Camps for Children! You see we are parents too. And it’s nice to have a balance of challenging the mind as well as the body.

Our facility specializes in just that: fun exciting activities combined with exercise, fitness and fun! Summer camp kids will challenge their minds with LEGO Camps, Minecraft Camps, & Robotic Camps.

Chandler summer camp kids will do two hours a day of martial arts, tumbling, & dance. We offer educational summer camps like learning about our planet, 3D printing, and endangered species. Every week different summer camp themes & ideas.

Our campers always want to come early and never want to leave! This is how a summer camp for kids should be. A busy kid is a happy kid. No other camp does all of this!

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