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The BEST Summer Camps in Arizona | Day Camps Ages 5 - 12 | Sleepaway Camp Ages 7 - 17

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the enrollment process like?

If you would like to enroll for a specific "camp week" or multiple camps for multiple weeks, you can do it all within our portal! Just click the New Family Login link at the top of the site or the hyperlinked text. From there, you just need to answer a few preliminary questions before you're taken to the list of camp options and dates to chose from.

If you're already in the system and just want to enroll in more camps, click Enroll Now at the top of the site or in the hyperlinked text and go to the enrollment section within the portal.

What is our cancellation policy?

As long as you give us 1 week's notice, we will promptly cancel & refund your payment. If your cancellation is less than 1 week, we will give you a credit for a future camp.

For the Sleepaway Camp in Prescott, you must cancel by April 30 for a full refund. Please do not ask us to waiver from our cancellation process. We have a very generous cancellation policy, but these camps are like a hotel room or airline seat. With little or no notice, we most likely will not be able to replace you, and all camps have a limited amount of campers we can take.

Are the teachers working with the kids in your Phoenix summer camps background checked?

We mostly hire schoolteachers, but yes, they are background checked and fully vaccinated.

Do you offer summer camps for teenagers?

All of our Day Camps in AZ are for ages 5-12, but the sleepaway camp accepts ages 7-17.

In your summer camps for kids, can I keep my children together if they are in different age groups?

Yes, but contact us directly at (480) 217-0652 so we can advise & explain how to register them.

What will you be offering for summer Camps 2022?

Trampoline Park Camps, Sports Camps, & an overnight Sleepaway Camp in Prescott.

I live in North Phoenix. Will you have summer camps near me?

Yes. Enter your Zip Code and the summer camps closest to you will appear.

How long have you run summer camps in Arizona?

Since 1993 – 29 years in Arizona!

What makes your camps the best summer camps?

Tons of activities, experienced teachers, safety first, affordability, and how much fun they are!