Urban Air Trampoline Park – Peoria – Sports – Week 7

Week 7:
July 4, 2022 - July 8, 2022


8235 W. Bell Rd, Arizona, 85382


Hours 9am-3pm, extended care 7am-5:30pm

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Peoria summer camps for kids & teens will enjoy Sports Week and all its related summer themes & activities as just one part of this exciting week. Other exciting activities are:

Urban Air Attractions

July 4. (Fourth of July – Yes, we are OPEN!) Peoria, Glendale, & Phoenix summer camp kids will start their day with cosmic fun with the lights off and the neon and music up getting our exercise for two hours before lunch. Groups will also rotate through Martial Arts, Dance, & Gymnastics during the morning as part of our Sports Week! Then a pizza lunch on us! After lunch, Glendale, Phoenix, & Peoria summer camps kids will do a STEM educational project. Then back to the room for board & videos games as part of Monday’s Pizza & Play. Groups will rotate through arts and crafts and more jumping in our fun park! We have the best sports camps in Peoria! This is one of the most popular, affordable, summer camps in Peoria! And one of the safest, active summer camps in Arizona for kids and teenagers! Don’t forget your Phoenix summer camps T-shirts!

July 5. Glendale summer camps kids will compete in NERF Wars! Before and after lunch, Peoria summer camps will have competitive fun doing Battle Beam contests and free play throughout Urban Air. For NERF Wars, you can bring your own NERF gun, but we will supply NERF guns and ammo. We recommend if you bring your own NERF gun, make sure you write your name on it and it shoots normal ammo, so you don’t always have to run to get it or lose it during the games. After lunch we will do a STEM educational project and rotate through Urban Air by age groups. Wear your Peoria, Glendale, & Phoenix summer camps t-shirts. We are one of the best fun active affordable summer camps in Peoria Arizona for teens & kids!

July 6. Phoenix & Glendale summer camps kids will be doing two hours of Laser Tag! Bring Jump Socks and closed toe shoes like sneakers in case you drop the gun on your toes! Phoenix & Peoria summer camps kids will play multiple games with barriers and ramps to duck behind and play over while dodging laser attacks! When summer camp kids are not in laser battle, they will be doing competitive flag sparring. Then summer camp kids will return for lunch and enjoy rock climbing, zip lining, dodge ball, and the many attractions Urban Air has to offer in the afternoon rotating through the park by age groups. Peoria summer Camps kids will do a STEM Educational project in the afternoon. We have the best sports camps in Phoenix! Bring your Peoria, Glendale, & Phoenix summer camps T-shirts! We have fun summer camp ideas & themes and have the #1 summer camps in Phoenix Arizona for teenagers and kids!

July 7. Peoria summer camp kids will compete in Sword Sparring! Others will be doing martial arts, dance, and Gymnastics! And everyone else will be enjoying the trampoline park competing in the obstacles course and many other activities! Lunch and then Phoenix summer camps kids will rotate between a STEM educational project and the many attractions of Urban Air. Don’t forget your Peoria summer camps t-shirts!

July 8. Peoria, Glendale, & Phoenix summer camps kids will start the day with Cosmic Play and Laser Tag! Others will do freestyle dance, hip hop, martial arts, and gymnastics. After lunch Phoenix summer camps kids will do a STEM educational project and then its movie time! We will stream the latest age-appropriate movies with unlimited Harkins popcorn! Don’t forget your Urban Air summer camps t-shirts!


Continue to explore the many fun summer camps in Urban Air! Make sure to register early as summer camps are filling up faster every year and select all the camps that you want / need, because after they are sold out, you won’t be able to get them! As you put the weeks you want in your cart, try to find at least 4 weeks over the summer for the discounted rate (They do not have to be consecutive). We offer this special rate because we have learned that the summer camp kids that do at least 4 weeks have time to get to know the staff, make friends, and develop skills. They always have the best experience!