SLEEP AWAY CAMP – May 29 – June 11

Two Weeks:
May 29, 2022 - June 11, 2022


5101 S. Senator Hwy, Prescott, Arizona, 86303

$2390 / PER PERSON

1-week camp signup for $1390
(We have sibling discounts)

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About Sleepaway Camp

America’s best sleepaway camp in Prescott Arizona National Forest is a perfect place to unwind from technology and interact with nature. Teen Round-Up was founded in 1965 by the late Bud Kerley and his wife Joy. Their mission was to support families in need and give their kids a mountain retreat experience. Now Mike and Roxanne Strait (formerly Kerley) and their son, Calvin operate the camp and host hundreds of campers each year. Summer Camp AZ has now partnered with them to support their mission of bringing this life-changing mountain retreat experience to city children.

What is a day like at Prescott Sleepaway Camp?

At the first evening meal at camp, you will witness Jesse James robbing the bank as the Sheriff tries to stop him from getting the gold.

While you pan for Gold, a determined Jesse might just show up to rob the wagon of gold supplies. Your team will then have to do a nature hike through the forest to Jesse James’ secret hideaway among the giant boulders to retrieve the Gold. This is just one of the many adventures you and your cabinmates will experience. We know you are going to miss your phone, but every once in a while, it’s important to unplug from technology and find that inner leadership, confidence, & adventure inside all of us! Your adventure awaits!


We are excited about the upcoming 2022 Sleepaway Camp in Prescott AZ! Click on any of the activities below to get a full description of the many things we will be doing.

We strongly suggest making a checklist for your child by printing or saving this page and double-checking to make sure they have packed everything they need before you leave home for camp. If there’s anything not on the list that they need, please don’t hesitate to pack it, but please be aware that expensive, breakable, or easily lost items should not be included. Items like pocket knives are prohibited. If your child needs medication or requires an EpiPen, please see the section on allergies below. We are trying to ensure a great and safe experience for all campers, so please follow this list closely to make sure that everyone has what they need: 

  • Bedding/Linens: Sheets, pillow (and/or sleeping bag), blanket, large beach towel, bath towel, and washcloth. 
  • Clothing: Pajamas, underwear, socks, sweatshirt, T-shirts, shorts, and swimsuit. 
  • Personal Items: Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, sunscreen, comb, brush, and lotion. 
  • Shoes: Flip flops, tennis shoes, and water shoes. 
  • Other: Self-addressed stamped envelopes, paper and pencil, water bottle, flashlight, and light backpack or tote bag. 
  • Camp Store: If you want to give your child money to go to the camp store, we recommend a prepaid card with their name written on it in permanent ink. The camp store does take cash, credit, and debit.

While a child is never required to do an activity, each cabin participates in all the activities together, so everyone is encouraged to participate.

Our philosophy is to keep kids active, and whether that activity is intense or easy, the benefits of full engagement are so overwhelmingly positive that it doesn’t make sense for anyone to sit out. Summer camp is such a great opportunity to have experiences that aren’t just out of the norm; they’re super fun! The idea is to help form new friendships, strengthen existing ones, make memories, and build character through shared experiences. Some kids are ready to engage the moment they arrive; for others, it’s a huge stretch, but they can do it. Rest assured that our staff is very experienced with all personality types and knows how to direct (and redirect) appropriately so that no one gets left behind.

Let’s face it, it’s not just your child that’s nervous about sleepaway camp. It’s just as hard on the parents sometimes, especially if you’ve never been away from your babies for this long. Let us reassure you that we know what you’re going through. We’re pros, and we have a lot of experience doing this.

We have a certified Nurse on-site and a doctor on call in case of any emergencies. Safety comes first and we have very stringent safety guidelines and training to prevent injury. Our record speaks for itself. In 29 years and tens of thousands of children going through our camps we have NEVER had a major incident.

During your registration, there is a place to list your child’s allergies and a form to list all medications your child needs to take. This will be given to the camp nurses and administered when needed. Please put all inhalers, epi-pens, and medication in a clear sealed bag with your child’s name on it. This will be kept at the nurse’s station unless your child needs to carry it with them. Give these medical bags directly to your counselor on drop-off. Do not pack in luggage.

For more information or to contact us about special requests at mealtimes, please reach out to us

Cell phone reception does not work except in a few designated areas. Our counselors take turns taking the children to the lodge to call their parents and check-in during the week. You can, however, contact the onsite Director at (480) 217-0652 and when he is in an area with reception, he will return your call. One of the things we are working on is your child creating independence, but if they want to call you, we will arrange it. Our software also has a Parent Portal where we will load photos of your child throughout the week participating in the activities.

Part of the experience, particularly at sleepaway camp, is to unplug from the norm and embrace the possibilities. We believe it’s a good thing for kids to experience the real world because it’s pretty awesome, and if that means less screen time, then we try our best to make that happen as part of the whole camp experience.

There’s something really special about getting a letter in the mail, and we encourage you to give that gift to your child, especially if this is one of the first times they’ve ever spent considerable time away from home or away from you.

We get regular mail service at Camp. And children love getting mail! We will encourage them to write to you, but if they don’t frequently, it only means they are having fun and too busy thinking about writing home. You can write letters to them or you can drop off pre-written letters to your campers on opening day. Just make sure to write their cabin number on the envelope and the date you would like your child to receive it. Address the letters to your child like this: Camper first and last name Cabin___

5101 S Senator Hwy
Prescott, AZ 86303

Yes, you can send a care package. You can either drop them off with us when you arrive or send them through the mail. Things that are popular are books & magazines, coloring books & Pencils, bracelet kits, playing cards, glow sticks, photos of pets or family members. Do not send pocket knives, gum, electronics, weapons, fireworks, apple watches, anything expensive. Campers frequently lose things. If you send through the mail, address the package like this: Camper first and last name Cabin___

5101 S Senator Hwy
Prescott, AZ 86303

At this time we do not provide transportation services to and from camp. Parents are expected to drop off and pick up their children. Please put in the camp address into your phone or car and follow Google maps. The address is: 5101 S Senator Hwy, Prescott, AZ 86303. Call (480) 217-0652 if you have any problems finding it.

If you are attending for 1 week from May 29 – June 5th, then you will drop off Sunday, May 29, 3 – 5 pm, and pick up Sunday, June 5, 3 – 5 pm.

If you are attending for 1 week from June 4 – June 11, then you will drop off Saturday, June 4, 12 – 2 pm and pick up Sunday, June 11, 11 am – 2 pm.

For 2-week campers, the Opening Day drop-off is Sunday, May 29, 3 – 5 pm. Pick up is Sunday, June 11, 11 am – 2 pm.

As you approach the camp you will see a large drop-off area with camper registration. You can drop off your camper there and one of their counselors will greet them and take their things to their cabin where they will hang out with another counselor and their cabin mates until dinner festivities. The first meal will be in the evening so make sure your camper is fed before arriving. You can also park your car in the lot and we will ATV you and your child to their cabin, but for the safety of the other campers, you cannot “hang out” with your child. We will return you back to your vehicle. Do not try to bring your child to camp sick. Any person entering the campgrounds must pass a temperature check before entering!

For Closing Day everything works in reverse. We will feed the campers in the morning and then they will return to their cabins to pack and prepare to be picked up. Pick up is on Saturday, June 11 between 11 am and 2 pm. This will give you the rest of Saturday & all day Sunday to relax and spend time with your camper. Sadly, we only have 2 weeks in Prescott this year, but we have 25+ other camps in Phoenix & Tucson starting Monday if you want to join us!

Where it is certainly not required, many parents wish to tip their counselors for taking great care of their children. If you choose to do this, please give cash in an enclosed envelope with your campers name and cabin number. You can give it directly to the counselor on pick up when they bring you your child and their things. If you wish to make a donation to help other less fortunate children have this experience, please contact us directly and we will take payment. When those funds are applied to the campers, we will update you with who received it and send some pictures of their experience so you can see who benefited directly from your generosity.

Every camper deserves to have a great experience. For this reason, all campers have the right to be respected for who they are, freedom from verbal and physical abuse, medical care, healthy meals, speak up if something is wrong, & a safe, secure environment. As a camper, you agree to respect the environment, your peers, summer camp staff, and the animals. You agree to treat everyone respectfully and with kindness. You agree to stay with your counselors and not leave your group or cabin without permission. Talk with a counselor if you do not feel safe. You also agree to not bully or put down other campers or staff, trespass, steal, vandalize, or deface property, enter the sleeping area of another camper, leave your sleeping area/cabin at night without staff supervision, pull pranks on others, and use foul or abusive language, including language of a sexually-explicit nature. You understand that if you cannot follow the code of conduct, your counselor will talk to you and call your parents if your behavior continues. You may be asked to write an apology letter and you may be asked to go home early. Camp is supposed to be fun and we want you to have a great time. These rules are for your safety and the safety of others.

A $500 minimum deposit is required to hold a spot.

We understand things happen. But please also understand that we have to arrange cabins by age and gender, hire 50 staff members, pay for vendors, and preorder food for your camper by end of April . So after May 1, no refunds will be given. We will, however, attempt to fill your spot with someone from the waiting list. If we are able to do that – we will give a full refund.

A $200 sibling discount will be applied on registration from direct family members living in the same home.

Your tuition includes your room, lodging, camp activities, and meals. We do have a camp store that campers may make purchases from throughout the week. We recommend that you don’t send cash, but a prepaid gift card with your child’s name with permanent ink if you wish to purchase incidentals. We do have an ONLINE CAMP STORE where you can buy camp sweatshirts, t-shirts, backpacks, hats, etc.throughout the year. (Your purchases will be sent to your home address – not to camp, so please order ahead of time to ensure you receive it before you send your child to camp or maybe as a souvenior after camp is over).

We encourage all campers to be vaccinated. Any camper with a temperature will not be allowed to enter our campgrounds. Please refrain from events with lots of people the week prior to arriving.

If you attempt to sign up and the camp is full you will be directed to a wait list. It costs nothing to register and typically after May 1 we will see what cancellations we have and what may come available. Your place will be retained by date, age, and gender. If a spot becomes available you will be notified between May 1 and May 15th. If you paid for camp already but become eligible for financial aid, we will reimburse you that portion of the tuition.

If you have additional questions you can reach us at (480) 217-0652 or by email at We thank you for coming to America’s best sleepaway camp and trust that we will take great care of your child!

SLEEP AWAY CAMP – May 29 – June 11

Cosmic Week at Summer Camp AZ

Two Weeks : May 29, 2022 – June 11, 2022

5101 S. Senator Hwy, Prescott
Arizona, 86303

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