Big Air Trampoline Park – Animals – Week 7

Week 7:
July 11, 2022 - July 15, 2022


2840 S. Alma School Rd, Chandler, Arizona, 85286


Hours 9am-3pm, extended care 7am-5:30pm

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Chandler Summer Camps for Kids & Teens will enjoy our horseback riding camps, petting zoos, & animal related summer activities as just one part of this exciting week. Other exciting activities are:

Big Air Attractions

July 11. Chandler Summer Camp kids will do arts & crafts in the early morning relating to our summer camp ideas and themes – Animal Week! Then Chandler summer camps for kids will have free play in our 30,000 sq. ft. indoor park. Next, we will supply a pizza lunch and one hour of gaming! Board games and video games like Minecraft, Fortnight, Roadblocks, and advanced gaming with parent’s permission. After lunch, Chandler & Gilbert summer camps kids will do a STEM educational project, and then return to the park in groups for rock climbing, human gaming, launch zone, and more! Wear your Chandler summer camp t-shirts! And don’t forget your Big Air jump socks! The best summer camps in Chandler, Gilbert, Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa!

July 12.  Chandler Summer Camps kids and teens will be doing animal related arts & crafts keeping to our summer camp themes! We will have a coloring contest with fun prizes! Then, we will have a Petting Zoo! Yes…take a selfie with a Llama. Cuddle a baby pig or exotic bird. Feed, pet, and interact with all of the animals. Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert summer camps kids will do a STEM educational project in afternoon and rotate through numerous BIG AIR Chandler attractions by age groups. And don’t forget your Big Air socks and summer camps T-shirts! We have the best, fun, affordable, summer camps in Arizona for kids and teenagers!

July 13. Chandler & Gilbert summer camp kids will be doing animal face painting as part of our summer camp ideas and themes. Then, Chandler & Gilbert summer camps kids will do a variety of NERF games, and then after lunch, STEM educational classes in the afternoon. Before and after lunch, Chandler summer camps will have competitive fun doing Battle Beam contests and free play throughout the park. For NERF Wars, you can bring your own NERF gun, but we will supply NERF guns and ammo. We recommend if you bring your own NERF gun, make sure it is marked in permanent marker with your name and shoots normal ammo, so you don’t always have to run to get it or lose it during the games. Wear your Gilbert, Chandler, Phoenix, & Tempe summer camps T-shirts!

July 14. Gilbert Mesa and Chandler summer camps will have a horse coloring contest with prizes! Then Chandler summer camps kids will rotate between horseback riding, maybe painting the horses (with chalk) or feeding them carrots and more personal time with a Llama! Please bring water bottles, long pants, sunglasses, sunscreen, & tennis shoes. After lunch we will do our STEM educational project, and burn off those calories in dodgeball, zip lining and basketball – rotating through BIG AIR attractions by groups. Don’t forget your Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Phoenix summer camps T-shirts! One of the best summer adventure camps in Arizona!

July 15. Chandler summer camp kids will continue with our themed summer camp ideas and then free play doing countless things in our park. Trampolines, Ninja course, Extreme Rock-Climbing Wall, Dodgeball, Basketball, Gauntlet, Warped Wall, Battle Beam & Much more! We will take a break for lunch, then do our STEM educational project before relaxing to a movie! We will stream the latest popular movies. Different age-appropriate movies in different rooms with unlimited popcorn! We are one of the best sports camps for kids. Our kids summer camps in Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe & Phoenix promote exercise and a healthy body! Chandler summer camps for kids will return to open jumping in the afternoon. Don’t forget your Chandler summer camps T-shirts! We have the most popular, affordable, summer camps in the East Valley for kids and teenagers!


Continue to explore the many fun summer camps at BIG AIR Chandler! Make sure to register early as Summer Camps are filling up faster every year and select all the camps that you want / need, because after they are sold out, you won’t be able to get them! As you put the weeks you want in your cart, try to find at least 4 weeks over the summer for the discounted rate (They do not have to be consecutive). We offer this special rate because we have learned that the summer camp kids that do at least 4 weeks have time to get to know the staff, make friends, and develop skills. They always have the best experience!