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Urban Air Attractions


Battle Beam

Balance and friendly competition combined with a foam pit to catch your fall.

Do you think you have good balance? Good enough to knock your friend into the foam pit before you fall? Put your balance to the test, grab a foam bar and go to battle. We will warn you, most of the time you’ll both end up in the foam pit.

Once you get the hang of Battle Beam, you’ll want to challenge all your friends and your entire family. Will you be the Battle Beam champion, or will you spend most of your time in the foam pit? (Although, taking a fall into the foam pit isn’t really so bad either.)

Whether you seek the adrenaline of competition or you just want to have a good laugh at how hilarious you and your friends look trying to balance with giant foam bars in your hand, Battle Beam is a great activity to enjoy with friends, family or “frenemies.”


Climbing walls

Build confidence and reach new heights on our climbing walls.

Climbing one of our climbing walls is a great way to build strength, agility, and confidence – all with the safety of a harness. Our climbing walls vary in difficulty from beginner to challenging so you can choose your own level.

Take your time and work on your climbing technique or challenge yourself to beat your personal speed record. Climbing is a fun, safe activity and helps kids build confidence as they take on the wall. Reaching the top (even after a couple of falls) is always rewarding. Climbing also improves balance and coordination as well as full-body strength.

Rock climbing not only challenges your body but also challenges your mind as you plan your route and strategize how to make it to the top. Even if you’ve never tried climbing before, our team will have you harnessed and ready to take on this vertical challenge in no time.



Ready. Set. Dodgeball! Plus trampolines? Yes, please.

Dodgeball – the game that everyone can enjoy got a bouncy makeover courtesy of Urban Air. That’s right, we’ve added our signature trampolines to the dodgeball arena to make this a fun, bouncy activity. Bring your team or gather some new friends to start a game.

You’ll love this exciting twist on an old PE favorite. We’ll warn you though, you may not be able to go back to playing plain old non-trampoline dodgeball. Let the dodgeballs soar and get ready to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and JUMP! Remember, if you get hit, you’re out.

If you need a refresher on dodgeball rules, check in with an Urban Air staff member. They’ll make sure everyone understands the rules and help you get started. Remember, play safe, play fair and get out there and have a blast. Ready? Dodgeball!


Drop Zone

Practice your flips, spins or other amazing acrobatics, and land on a giant, inflatable airbag.

Looking to jump, practice some epic flips or pull off a 360? It’s always great to practice when you have a giant, inflatable airbag to land on. Our Drop Zone gives you the extra confidence you need to go for that big trick.

To make the most out of the Drop Zone, aim your landing towards the center of the airbag. When you hit the airbag, let it absorb the impact from your jump and then make your way to the side of the airbag to get off. And always be sure your Drop Zone is clear of other Urban Air guests. Airbags are soft places to land. People are not.

Give this fun jumping attraction a try and see if you can come up with new tricks to share with all your Urban Air friends. Once you’ve perfected that cool trick, try it out on one of our other trampolines or challenge yourself to try something new.


go karts

Put your driving skills to the test and race to the finish with our indoor Go-Karts.

Do you dream of racing around a track in a flashy car? Fulfill your need for speed and put your driving skills to the test. Enjoy some friendly competition as you race your friends and other UrbanAir adventurers or just try to beat your personal best time. Either way, you’ll be buckling up for an amazing ride. Our tracks feature twists and turns that will challenge your reflexes and keep you on your toes. Take control of the wheel and enjoy the ride in 3…2…1…Go-Kart!  Indoor Go-Kart tracks are perfect for kid’s birthday parties and large groups because everyone can get in on the action. Our race tracks can accommodate many adventurers at one time so everyone can get in on the action. Just make sure to let the birthday boy or girl have a head start! After all, it is their party and they’ll drive if they want to.


laser tags

Set your phasers on fun as you gear up for the most intense laser tag game around.

Our Laser Tag course combines obstacles and hiding spots with dark lighting and a little smoke to make hitting your target a challenge. Choose your team, grab your laser light gun and get ready for battle. Your team will work to elude the other team to get to your target. The team that outshoots and outmaneuvers the other wins, but everyone is guaranteed an adrenaline-filled, awesome time. Get ready to sneak through the dark, smoky course, searching out opponents on patrol, and move your team to victory. For those good at finding a hiding spot, you might even find a secluded sniper position to wait for your unexpecting enemy.


leap of faith

Get ready to take a big leap - a leap of faith!

Build up your courage, climb to the top of the platform, take a deep breath, and leap!  Here’s your chance to play out your greatest superhero fantasies! Imagine you are a superhero standing on the edge of a building. Evil villains are in sight, but it’ll take a great big leap to get to them. Have no fear - you’re in the perfect position to capture the villains and save the day!

Strap into your harness for ultimate safety in this exciting test of bravery. Climb to the top of the platform and prepare your best superhero impersonation before your giant big leap and grab onto the hanging cylinder or monkey bars.


ProZone Performance Trampolines

Calling all of our local acrobats, stuntmen, and daredevils - it’s your time to shine!

Practice your coolest flips and tricks to impress your friends on a safe indoor trampoline that enhances your experience and never holds you back. You’re never limited to the ground with ProZone Performance Trampolines. Our wall-mounted trampolines bring a whole new dimension to your gravity-defying fun. Fly through the air, practice your flips, and literally bounce off the walls with your friends! For our slightly older or experienced adventurers, the ProZone is the perfect place to show off your skills. Take a leap of faith, then bounce right back up. Drop onto the trampoline from an elevated platform and see how high you can bounce back up the wall. Then, gently kick off the wall at the apex of your jump for an incredible moment of weightlessness. With such an awesome space, what new tricks will you come up with?


Ropes Course

Get some extra hang time with our gravity-defying obstacles on the Urban Air ropes course.

Learning the ropes has never been more exciting. Get some extra hang time with our next-level obstacles on the Urban Air ropes course. Weave, climb and race your way around this high-flying obstacle course. Climb and swing through the air like a superhero as you race to finish the course. Do you dare look down? The stakes are high as you and your friends level up your confidence, balance, and agility in these exhilarating, gravity-defying obstacles. Swing on the ropes, climb the spider-webs, leap over the gaps in the bridge, and balance across the beam. Great for birthday parties or just an afternoon out of the house, this gravity-defying attraction tests bravery, helps to build gross motor skills, and encourages imagination. Ready? Let’s strap in and go! This up-in-the-air adventure only feels high-stakes. Safety is always assured with our secure, kid-friendly harness as you make your way through the course, so our young adventurers can play, learn, and experience the thrill in total confidence.


Runway (Tumble Track)

Calling all gymnasts, dancers, cheerleaders, and aspiring ninjas: it’s tumble time! Jump, twist, and flip your way down The Runway!

Great for the adventurers who want to put in a little extra practice before their next competition, or for the youngest of our visitors to try out tumbling before committing to a team. Practice everything in your exciting routine, from simple tumbling to back handsprings in this safe, indoor space.

With safety nets and a soft wall, this attraction let’s all our tumblers test their limits in a safe environment before they try the real deal on a tumbling mat. Practicing on a long trampoline gives our timider tumblers that extra little bounce to help them really learn how the moves are supposed to feel. You can practice new moves and help your body learn the motions all with a safe landing. Jump, fall, and spring back up to try again. So, when you finally do go for the gold, you’ll look like a pro. Yeah, it’s as cool as it sounds.


sky rider

Take your fun to exhilarating new heights with our Sky Rider.

Time isn’t the only thing that flies when you’re having fun. Now you can too when you strap into our Sky Rider and soar through the air, high above friends, family, and the other attractions. Our zip line-like experience, Sky Rider, offers a whole new perspective as you zip through the air on this high-flying adventure. Feel like a giant, as you zigzag overhead and scout out all the other attractions for your next adventure. Can you see your friends and family? They look like ants from up here! As always, safety is our top priority. Every high-flyer straps into our secure kid-friendly harness before they take off. Then hold onto the ropes and feel the air rush through your hair. And that’s it! The harness does the rest. This is a no skill, all thrill ride, so everyone of all skills and ability can enjoy the excitement.


Slam Dunk Zone

Have you ever wanted to dunk like the all-stars? Now you can catch some big air and win all the points in our Slam Dunk Zone.

Have you ever wanted to dunk like the all-stars? Now you can catch some big air and win all the points in our Slam Dunk Zone. Trampolines and basketball are the perfect, gravity-defying match. Get your inner Jordan on, feel like an all-star flying through the air, and slam that 2 pointer. Play an exciting one-on-one, half-court drill and practice your defense with your party. Or play out the pro basketball game you’ve always dreamed of winning for your home team. However, you want to play, the trampolines will make sure you feel like the coolest basketball player to ever slam dunk.

Even if you’re not a seven-footer, you can still sail above the rim while perfecting your famous backflip, behind the head, windmill, double-clutch slamma jamma. And look super cool while doing it. Perfect for everyone to feel like a pro baller for the day.


The APEX Trampolines

Trampolines extend to the walls for a jumping, flipping, and flying good time.

Who says trampolines need to be attached to the ground? Certainly not us. Our APEX trampolines take your jumping, flipping, and flying to another level. With trampolines that extend to the walls, you can practice all your favorite tricks at every angle. Tired of being told you’re “bouncing off the walls” at home? We’ve got walls you can bounce off of. Calling all gymnasts, dancers, parkour athletes, cheerleaders, and anyone who wants to try something new in a fun environment, our APEX Trampolines are calling. Our APEX Trampolines offer a springy place to work on your moves and perfect your technique. Get the extra bounce and height you need for that backflip, beautiful leap, and perfect landing all while improving your balance. Don’t worry if it’s not perfected the first time, that’s what practice if for.

But wait, you don’t have to be an athlete or have fancy tricks to enjoy our APEX Trampolines. All you need is a little bounce. Jump high, jump low and jump on the walls. We dare you not to break out into laughter after you bounce off the walls. This is not your backyard trampoline and there’s room to take your jumping to new heights.


Tubes Playground

Playground or obstacle course? You decide. Race a friend or take your time to explore the Tubes Playground.

Climb up platforms, crawl through tunnels, and zip down the slide to victory. Exclusively for racers and explorers under 52 inches who want to take on the challenge of this towering maze of fun. Pull yourself up the soft ladder, find the observation bubble to look out over your friends and family, and make it a competition by racing with a friend. Who can make it to the end zone first? Who can run the whole course in the fastest time? Or just let your little ones explore while their imaginations run wild. Solo exploring in the playground can help develop fine motor skills, independence, and a free spirit. Leave your shoes at the tube terminal and be sure to check out the rules of the tubes so all our little adventurers can explore in safety.


Virtual Reality

Gather your friends and prepare for an adventure in an all-new reality!

Whether you’re a long-time gamer or this is your first adventure, this virtual reality experience is sure to blow your mind. Fight robots and dragons, or sling snowballs and collect coins. Try to beat your own high score, fight against your friends, or join up for the greatest team this universe has ever seen. However you play, this high-end simulation is easy to learn, making it suitable for gamers of all ages and experience levels. Perfect for team building, taking out frustrations on virtual robots, or living out the fantasy as a dragon hunter. Are you ready to take on this quest? Strap on the headset and step into the new, totally immersive world. Our virtual reality technology is so real you can almost feel it. Once the battle begins, you’ll definitely forget you’re looking at pixels.


Warrior Course

Jump, bounce, and hold on tight! Do you have what it takes to complete the Warrior Course?

Jump, bounce, and hold on tight! Do you have what it takes to complete the Warrior Course? You’ve watched those warrior ninjas from your living room. Now’s your chance to try it for yourself. It’s your turn to blitz through all the obstacles you love watching on TV and test your speed, strength, and agility. Uneven platforms, tilted walls, hanging rings…and a ball pit to cushion all your falls. Perhaps one of the most exhilarating team-building events, Warrior Course lets you face off against your friends and family in the ultimate action-packed obstacle course. Or race against yourself in this test of your balance, strength, and speed. Who will have the fastest time? Who will get the farthest? And who will be the first to fall into the ball pit? Give it your best as you battle to be the last Warrior standing. Maybe we’ll see you on Mt. Midoriyama.



The mission is simple: be the last person standing in this fun and hilarious competition.

You and your friends can battle to see who survives the longest as a cushioned bar swings around an enclosed area. Your mission is to jump, duck or do whatever it takes to avoid being struck by the bar. The last person standing without getting struck is the lone survivor. Great for parties and groups of competitive friends.

Ask Nicole Davis:

Been going for three years, kids love it!

Ask John Shall:

My kids attended Spring Camp and as an essential worker, the staff has continued to take care of my kids while I am at work. I appreciate their cleanliness, and teaching the kids not only to clean their hands regularly and sanitize, but also to help take care of the facility they use. The staff genuinely care about each and every one of the kids there and that’s why I’m comfortable with dropping them off

Ask Joey Salcone:

The childen who joins this camp always have a amazing time being there. There is always activities going on and awesome field trips. They also do karate training and games every day. I also noticed that the kids always leave with a huge smile and always tell me how much fun they had and how they cant wait to come back the next day!

Ask Syra Khan:

My son had the best summer here they had field trips everyday and I couldn't wait to go to camp. Can't wait until next year!!!

Ask Lilred Red:

My son absolutely benefitted from attending here this summer. The instructors were very caring and treated my son with respect. He loved it here and learned so much. The friends he made encouraged each other to reach each level in growth and he felt like he belonged which is very important at his age of 11 especially being smaller than the other kids. He's looking forward to coming back next year. Thank you for everything. We LOVE Summer Camp AZ!!