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Next Level Soccer

What is Next Level Soccer?

The mission is to 'Raise our Game' and revolutionize the process and culture of youth soccer here in Arizona. To set the standard and produce world class, next level players. Yes, you read that correct. We aim to produce the most complete Soccer players in history from right here in Arizona.

Our processes are a culmination from a lifetime of learning from our director and team. With a degree in Sports Science, UEFA qualifications and many years coaching experience across several continents we are ready to create the future, set new standards and take our players to the next level.

We also seek to bring a new sense of value to the game here and will operate as a not-for-profit business with sessions initially costing just $10. If the facility makes a profit, we will reduce the session rate accordingly and we have a goal of getting down to just $5 per session as soon as we can. It is about time we did something better for the game and our kids here in Arizona. Soccer is the world's passion and brings people together everywhere with a shared language and culture. The ball judges only by skill and dedication. The ball doesn't care if your black or white, rich or poor, gay or straight. It rolls the same for everyone and in the game we are equal. The cost should never rob a young child of the chance to play the beautiful game and live in the soccer community where they belong as part of our family.

Some of our process?

Let’s start at the start! For years we have introduced kids to the game by putting them on a field of strangers with little to zero coaching, in a competitive environment with parents screaming and shouting at them. As an introduction to the sport, it’s about as bad as it gets. It creates terrible habits like chasing the ball, kicking the ball away when it comes close and the child learning that soccer is individualistic, hostile, reactionary, chaotic and wild instead of team driven, structured, creative, and perfect. It's not great as a start for the parents either as they learn nothing of what it should really look like, so they can never become a positive resource for their player over time.

At Next Level Soccer we have a very different and scientific approach to introduce players to the game with an exact process to fast track them to excellence. We have a thorough five-star process to maximize potential technically, tactically, physically, and mentally. Every new player registered receives a free assessment with our highly experienced and qualified coaching team. We find out what the current level is in the 4 key areas of a player and establish your initial star rating. We use performance assessments and award more stars over time to confirm progress along a specified and structured plan of goals and milestones. How long will it take you to become a five-star player?

Every session improves a player 0.1% and every day is a chance to get better and achieve both short- and long-term goals. Whether it is mastering a new skill, passing the next technical test, improving your sprint speed, lateral power or scoring higher in your ball work assessment. We have the best coaches and process around helping you every step of the way.

Want to learn more about our system? Contact us now to tour the facility or learn more on (480)417 9303.

Is it a Club?

Next Level Soccer is club neutral, independent, and not a part of any soccer club. The facility and program are open to all players from anywhere and is flexible and can supplement your current club training program. It can even be used by local coaches who wish to use the facility to help their players fine tune certain skills or review their latest game as a team. Raising our game will take a team effort and we are ready to play our part in the local soccer community for the good of our kids by bringing world class facilities, process and coaching to the area.

What and Why, Next Level Soccer?

'Raise our game'

Soccer, Football or Futbol as its known in most of the world has connected people across the planet with a universal language and community. It brings together globally people no matter their age, race, religion or wealth. The ball judges us by nothing other than our commitment to it. It cares not if your straight or gay, rich or poor. It rolls the same for everyone and to the ball we really are all equal.

Here in the USA the worlds game is often held hostage by the few who seek to manage its administration for their own gain. Next Level Soccer has been established by a highly qualified and experienced coach who seeks to both unlock the potential of the USA and give the game back to the children. Next Level Soccer will operate as a not for profit entity. The facilities net revenue margin will dictate its session costs. Sessions will start at $10 per session and any recurring regular net margin above the amount to sustain the business will see the session price reduced. Over time the hope is to achieve a $5 session cost per player and to show what real value looks like.

Our leader comes from a part of England with a population just 1/10th of the Phoenix Metro. That area has produced more than 100 top level players in the last 30 years. Here in Arizona with a population more than 10 times larger we have produced zero top level male players over the same time. We need to change that and we are about to get serious and take it to the Next Level. We can set the standard right here and achieve something really special. We are ready to dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of excellence.

Who is ready to be part of the future with us?

Who runs Next Level Soccer?

Stephen Paylor was born and raised in the Soccer crazy northeast of England. Was a part of the FA School of Excellence as a player and has Premier League Academy coaching experience.  He has a degree in Sports Science and holds a UEFAA License and has great experience at all levels of the game. As Technical Director & Owner, he offers advice and leadership throughout the whole program and has led hugely successful Boys programs in the Southeast Valley.