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The BEST Summer Camps in every State | Age 5 - 17

Defy Attractions



What happens when you combine an AirTrack with the TV show “Survivor”?

You get WIPEOUT!  It’s a game for up to 8 people where a giant spinning sweeper tries to knock you off your perch?  Who will be the last jumper standing?



“Yeah I'm free, free fallin'”.

Tom Petty’s lyrics may have inspired this awesome attraction. Imagine falling through the air, landing on a giant cushion ...and thinking, “yeah, that was amazing!”


zip line

Fly through the air on a 75-foot long zipline.

Feel the adrenaline rush as you take in the sights and sounds of the park!



Jumping and dunking are now officially reinvented.

Play a game of H-O-R-S-E with two-lane using rims at different heights—Extreme and Beyond Extreme!


king of the mountain

Ever see a mountain of bounce?  We’ve got one!

Play King of the Mountain against your friends or in teams.  We provide the soft batons to help you defend your throne…or defeat the “current king”


Big bounce

The coolest relay race this side of the Gila River!

Combine a two-lane obstacle course with 8 trampolines--and you have Big Bounce.



Hone your individual skills! 

Swing into a sea of foam sitting or hanging on with the X-Swing and Trapeze!



Do you have what it takes?

Test your balance on our slacklines, flexing bridges over the foam pits! Not everyone has the skill to make it all the way across.


Dodgeball (Very Extreme)

Well, this dodging has a third dimension.

Oh yeah.  Hitting your opponent with the dodgeball just got more challenging on our court filled with tramps and angled tramps.  Practice well and watch for announcements about tournaments!



Educational games, monster games, little kids games all played while running and throwing…we have it all. 


MultiBall is a mixed reality sports & gaming platform built for the interaction between physical activity and digital games. Sports and Tech combined with Gamification is the key, and our products demonstrate the power of the fun factor in the equation.



Peter Parker watch out!

Our high-performance tramps are not for the faint of heart.  Get a bit of practice and you’ll be walking on walls just like Spiderman.


Foam pit & launches

Looking for a foam pit?  Have we got one…make that two for you!

Our GIANT foam pit features trampoline and AirTrack launches where you can run, jump and fly into a colorful soft landing!


Ninja Course

You’ve seen Ninjas on TV…now they’ve got company.

We’ve got 10 Ninja lanes side by side, each testing strength, agility, and ingenuity.  Work on your game, then challenge your friends to earn the best times. Our amazing Ninja course is setup in a serpentine design allowing you to pick and choose your lane or master the entire 10 level decathlon ...or as we like to call them -  “Ninjathlons”!


Air Track

Like running on air?

Our AirTracks are great workouts for gymnasts, cheerleaders, athletes and runners young and old.  Tumble, jump and fly from our AirTracks into a multi-colored foam pit or a giant airbag!


freestyle obstacle course

Test your jumping and traversing skills on obstacle filled freestyle lanes.

Once you’ve got it figured out, challenge a friend to see who makes the best time!


Open Jump

We’ve got 3000 square feet of open jump trampolines!

So, tune up, bounce, and jump to your heart's content.  Guests young and old love a good workout and open jump is a great place to start in your quest to Defy gravity!



Run up the side of a curved wall?

Yep.  Happens here.  And we have two of them!


tumble tramp

Bubble, rumble, run and tumble!

We’ve got an amazing tumble tramp for both aspiring and competing gymnasts.



Become a Circus Extraordinaire!

Sail through the air onto a bed of foam as you become famous.


Battle Beam

Grab a soft balance stick…

 … and engage in some friendly competition.

Ask Nicole Davis:

Been going for three years, kids love it!

Ask John Shall:

My kids attended Spring Camp and as an essential worker, the staff has continued to take care of my kids while I am at work. I appreciate their cleanliness, and teaching the kids not only to clean their hands regularly and sanitize, but also to help take care of the facility they use. The staff genuinely care about each and every one of the kids there and that’s why I’m comfortable with dropping them off

Ask Joey Salcone:

The childen who joins this camp always have a amazing time being there. There is always activities going on and awesome field trips. They also do karate training and games every day. I also noticed that the kids always leave with a huge smile and always tell me how much fun they had and how they cant wait to come back the next day!

Ask Syra Khan:

My son had the best summer here they had field trips everyday and I couldn't wait to go to camp. Can't wait until next year!!!

Ask Lilred Red:

My son absolutely benefitted from attending here this summer. The instructors were very caring and treated my son with respect. He loved it here and learned so much. The friends he made encouraged each other to reach each level in growth and he felt like he belonged which is very important at his age of 11 especially being smaller than the other kids. He's looking forward to coming back next year. Thank you for everything. We LOVE Summer Camp AZ!!