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The BEST Summer Camps in every State | Age 5 - 17

Camp Activities – 2


Nerf Wars

Summer and Spring Camps include NERF games. Target shooting, NERF Team Battles, and much more.


Pizza & Play

Summer Camp AZ camps designate a day of the week to supply a Pizza lunch and Summer Camp children will play age-appropriate board, video, and interactive games.



We teach our Arizona Summer Camp kids all about our Planet. Endangered Species, Plastic in our Oceans, and about the companies and people that are making a difference in healing our world.


Glow in dark activities

Summer Camp kids will be doing two hours of our cosmic events once again, including glow-in-the-dark sword sparring, laser tag, and other fun activities.


Llama Selfies

Our campers do not leave for field trips, but we bring the fun to us! The Horses, Llamas, Petting Zoos. So our campers will enjoy all of the activities and attractions of our Host facility plus all of the additional fun at no additional charge!

face painting

Face painting is a fun, creative activity children at Summer Camp enjoy. It's one of the best kids' activities for kids to express their individuality.


water wars

Water balloons, small water guns, and hoses are all part of the fun! One thing is for certain, prepare to get wet and exert tons of energy!




Get your popcorn, hot chocolate, and blanket – it’s movie time! Sit with your cabinmates and laugh, cry, and get lost in a different reality.


lego games

Summer Camps include LEGO stations and a special LEGO Week where we create exciting projects.


Colouring Contests

Time for kids to get their hands dirty and their creative juices flowing.



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fire truck

Explore a real fire truck! Hop inside, sound the alarm, put on a fire suit, and learn what it takes to be a member of the fire department. Kids also get to put our mock fires with a fire hose and get all of their questions answered by a real fireman!

Ask Nicole Davis:

Been going for three years, kids love it!

Ask John Shall:

My kids attended Spring Camp and as an essential worker, the staff has continued to take care of my kids while I am at work. I appreciate their cleanliness, and teaching the kids not only to clean their hands regularly and sanitize, but also to help take care of the facility they use. The staff genuinely care about each and every one of the kids there and that’s why I’m comfortable with dropping them off

Ask Joey Salcone:

The childen who joins this camp always have a amazing time being there. There is always activities going on and awesome field trips. They also do karate training and games every day. I also noticed that the kids always leave with a huge smile and always tell me how much fun they had and how they cant wait to come back the next day!

Ask Syra Khan:

My son had the best summer here they had field trips everyday and I couldn't wait to go to camp. Can't wait until next year!!!

Ask Lilred Red:

My son absolutely benefitted from attending here this summer. The instructors were very caring and treated my son with respect. He loved it here and learned so much. The friends he made encouraged each other to reach each level in growth and he felt like he belonged which is very important at his age of 11 especially being smaller than the other kids. He's looking forward to coming back next year. Thank you for everything. We LOVE Summer Camp AZ!!