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Horseback riding camp

Horseback Riding

Horses are amazing animals.  Loyal and loving. During the horseback riding sessions campers will learn how to take care of the horses, brushing and feeding them before taking them on a trail ride through the forest.  Inexperienced camper’s horses will be tethered to an experienced trainer from Carters Farms giving a “one on one” trainer to camper ratio to ensure the camper is safe through the ride.  Like most of the activities, Campers will have multiple opportunities to ride and enjoy this experience.

Sleepaway Camp nature hiking

Nature Hike to Jesse James Hideout

During the opening ceremonies, campers witnessed Jesse James robbing a bank and in a gunfight with the local sheriff.  Now they will take a nature hike to his hideout with towering boulders learning about the many plants, trees, and of course legends of the gunfighter along the way.  Your hike will be led by Marline Newton. For many years she has been giving tours to Jesse James' secret hideaway. This is one of the many popular activities campers truly enjoy.


Arts & Crafts

One of the nice things about being outdoors is your mom can’t complain if you make a mess. Maybe you want to leave your handprint in washable ink on a tree.  Make a beaded bracelet for yourself and your mom. We have many fun arts & crafts projects for you to choose from.  You are only limited by your imagination.

campfire s'mores

Fire Circle / Smores

Who doesn’t like to sit around the fire, sing songs, roast marshmallows and make Smores?  This is maybe the most popular activity at our camp.  Occasionally we get rained out, or there is not enough rain, so the Forest Service won’t let us make fires. If that happens, we move into the activities center and take our party there.

tug of war camp activities

Tug of War

It’s Cabin vs Cabin. And there can only be one victor. Who will take the honor of being the Camp Tug of War Champions?



Volleyball is an all-time favorite. Time passes by quickly as you build teamwork, friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime.

overnight summer camp activity. Canoeing on goldwater lake

Canoeing on Gold Water Lake

Safety is first – especially with water sports.  Canoeing on Gold Water Lake is simply magical. Two counselors canoeing – 1 to 2 campers in the middle. At least a 1:1 ratio.  Everyone has life vests. These waters shimmer in the morning moving along with the wildlife among the pine trees.

panning for gold

Gold Panning

Jesse James loved his gold. And now you can follow in the steps of the old-time miners in the great American gold rush! Your leaders will be teaching you to pan in a stream and you will go home with a vile of gold as a souvenir (fools gold).

summer camp outdoor fun foam party

Foam Party

Pack your swimsuit or plan to air dry, but you will get wet! Fantastic Fire Department will crank up the music and create a giant wall of Foam!

Movie night

Outdoor Movies

Get your popcorn, hot chocolate, and blanket – it’s movie time! Sit with your cabinmates and laugh, cry, and get lost in a different reality.

soccer camp


Sleepaway Summer Camps are active. You’re going to need your water bottle for this one. Cabins will battle for the ultimate prize – to see who will be the soccer team champion!


Petting Zoo

Carters Farm is back with all their animals, Horses, llamas, pigs, chickens, and more! This is an up close and personal opportunity to pet them, hold them, and of course take the ultimate selfies! Overnight Summer Camps have never been better.

Laser Tag kids activity camp

Laser Tag

We know what you are thinking. Laser Tag among the mountain trees and bushes. Yes that sounds cool, but probably not that safe.  Instead, we will do it behind barriers on the soccer field.  Trust us…it’s still a ton of fun, and the stars are so bright there is nothing quite like it!


Board Games

Sometimes Summer Camp kids just need to chill with their friends and play board games. We have them all. Bonding with your cabin mates never got better.



What can be more fun than this!  We have multiple Superslides to do your thing with your friends. Summer Camp for kids is all about fun in the sun – and we have a lot of it!


Flag Football

Team competition brings out the best in all of us.  Sleepaway summer camp kids will compete with their cabin mates on the field playing Flag Football. Exercising the body and mind is what overnight summer camps were made for.


Wild West Show

Jesse James has just robbed the bank and you will witness the epic shootout between Jesse and the Sheriff.  Opening night Sleepaway Summer Camps will start our ceremonies with a fun wild west show! Who will win – Jesse or the Sheriff and his posse?


Chow time

Can food be an activity?  We think so. Our kitchen staff will serve three wonderful meals a day and beyond that we will have healthy food competition. How much watermelon can you eat? Who can finish the bowl of ice cream the fastest? Only time will tell.


Foam Sword Sparring

Whether you are a medieval warrior, ninja, or neither – everyone can be a warrior for a day.


Bubble Party

This is just too cool. Everyone gets their own wand and bubble filled container to make the biggest bubbles that they can. Watch as the bubbles merge and glisten in the sunlight!

hip hop dance camp

Hip Hop Dancing

Hip Hop is the most popular form of dancing today. Great exercise, great friends, great music! Develop or enhance your skills and put them to the test at the final night Dance Party!


Star Gazing

Have you ever been away from the city looking at the sky? The stars take on new meaning. Campers will enjoy the Prescott Astronomy Club taking them on a tour of the heavens.  See the craters on the moon. See planets that are not visible with naked eye. Catch a glimpse of a falling star and make a wish.

Free Time and Camp Store

Free Time and Camp Store

Sometimes we just need to unplug and do nothing at all.  As busy as our kids summer camps are, there is value in kicking off your shoes and putting them in the stream, going to the camp store with a friend, or an afternoon nap.

Ask Nicole Davis:

Been going for three years, kids love it!

Ask John Shall:

My kids attended Spring Camp and as an essential worker, the staff has continued to take care of my kids while I am at work. I appreciate their cleanliness, and teaching the kids not only to clean their hands regularly and sanitize, but also to help take care of the facility they use. The staff genuinely care about each and every one of the kids there and that’s why I’m comfortable with dropping them off

Ask Joey Salcone:

The childen who joins this camp always have a amazing time being there. There is always activities going on and awesome field trips. They also do karate training and games every day. I also noticed that the kids always leave with a huge smile and always tell me how much fun they had and how they cant wait to come back the next day!

Ask Syra Khan:

My son had the best summer here they had field trips everyday and I couldn't wait to go to camp. Can't wait until next year!!!

Ask Lilred Red:

My son absolutely benefitted from attending here this summer. The instructors were very caring and treated my son with respect. He loved it here and learned so much. The friends he made encouraged each other to reach each level in growth and he felt like he belonged which is very important at his age of 11 especially being smaller than the other kids. He's looking forward to coming back next year. Thank you for everything. We LOVE Summer Camp AZ!!